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of the foreign policy of the united states and destructive of this country's historic alliance with their strongest middle east ally, israel. host: why did you call them -- what you call him socks? others call him neutral. caller: when he says you should talk with hamas, a terrorist regime, that officially is classified as a terrorist organization by the united states, when he proposes to engage with hamas, that as being soft on terrorism. when he refuses to take a position against hezbollah, as he did, i say that as being soft on hezbollah, which is also a well-recognized terrorist organization. i say he is soft on iran, the positions he has taken have been positions that would undermine our attempts to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. host: less mature -- let me get your reaction to the opinion section of "usa today" -- caller: i think obama paused val has to be carried out. i think he should have a secretary of defense who is not taking a contrary position. host: other challenges ahead for the defense secretary, whoever that may be -- this is "u.s. aid today" --
. together we stand as we the people. i know and hope that our president of the united states, president obama, is hearing our voices this morning being back in the white house for and other four years. i am a military mom. i want to say this to the republicans. please work with our president of the united states. he is the general in chief for all of us. is gettingely on who more. we can ask. we can write letters. we can twitter and all the settings. but we have to come together. he is the one we voted for. as we let's work together the people. that is my answer to the republicans. host: ok, sylvia. on twitter -- look at some other stories in the news. this is from the houston chronicle, which we get courtesy of the newseum. a shooting close as a local campus. that's the houston chronicle. here in washington, general allen was cleared of misconduct. and e-mail found during betray its inquiry -- during the general petraeus's inquiry involved general allen. whether he exchanged inappropriate e-mails with the same quarter socialite's that prompted david petraeus to resign as cia director.
. by executive order of the president of united states, when a criminal commits such a crime as children being slaughtered, those criminals need to be put in the gas chamber within 30 calendar days of their conviction. we nee to start treating murderers like murderers and quit changing the gun-control laws. w 98% of. ho are in compliance with -- 98% of americans are in compliance with gun-control laws. so you put the person in the gas chamber within 30 days. there's the answer. we need good leadership and the white house such as john mccain for president. we would not have these problems. put the murderers in the gas chamber. there's your answer. have a great day. host: a tweet -- the chairman of the judiciary committee in the senator patrick leahy. here's a little bit of him from yesterday. [video clip] >> let's make it easier. talk about gun shows. should we have mandatory background checks at gun shows for the sale of weapons? >> if you are diller, that is already the law. >> that's not my question. please, i'm not trying to place questions, mr. lapierre. >> senator, i do not believe the wa
want to find out what you think about what the president had to say about the future of the united states role in afghanistan. the numbers are on the screen if you want to get involved in the conversation. . we also have a special line for people who have served in afghanistan either as the military, contractors, or work in afghanistan with the ngo's. you can also reach us by social media. @cspanwj,, or send us an email. more from this morning's lead story in "the wall street journal." our first call regarding the future of the u.s. role comes from melinda in columbus, georgia on the line for democrats. caller: yes, but the people want all of our troops that are in harm's way, no matter where they are at in the world to be brought home. we cannot fight the whole world. that is not the purpose of the united states. host: do you see any role for the u.s. and afghanistan in the future? caller: know. -- no. these people are hard-core religion. they are going to do what they want to do. if they wanted some kind of change, the people themselves would have fought just l
on the border and inside the united states before other kinds of reforms can happen? i believe that what the administration has been trying to say for the last two years is we've done that. look at the number of people we deported, something like 400,000 people, which is more than any president ever has in the last, you know, in all of history. the border is looking much better. i've been down, i've looked at it, it's looking better, but there are still problems. the question is, is it ok? that's going to be -- there's going to be competing versions of that no matter what happens. host: here are some of those numbers. on u.s. immigrant deportations, you can see the total so far during the obama administration, 1.5 million. for the entirity of the bush administration, two terms in office, we saw about two million deportations. and then in 2012 alone, nearly -- more than, rather, 400,000 immigrants deported, which is a record high. our next phone call is from mark in new jersey, republican. hi, mark. caller: good morning. i'm also a municipal chair here for the republican committee. i'm al
the most important thing to keep in mind when you are president of the united states. i will uphold my oath of office at the same time letting me remind people of the sacrifices of the past. from the presidential inaugural committee host: first lady michelle obama just turned 49 last week. she will have a big role during the next couple of days. here is take tweed ♪t the more private ceremony today will include a bible for the first lady. also, another first for this president being sworn in on mlk and the last time that happened was with bill clinton. we will share with you some thoughts by jerry is joining us from detroit on the democrats' line, good morning. caller: what makes this inauguration so much more significant that it is taking place on martin luther king jr. birthday. dr. king was certainly a hero of mine and certainly to president obama. and certainly to anyone who believes in equality and social justice. host: on the republican line, steve is joining us from virginia, good morning. caller: is important to look at what has been accomplished in the first four years. the value
and credit of the united states is not a bargaining chip. they had better choose quickly, because time is running short. the last time republicans in congress even flirted with this idea, r. triple-a credit rating was downgraded for the first time in our mystery, our businesses created the few jobs in any month in nearly the past three years, and the whole fiasco added to the deficit. host: after the news conference yesterday, house speaker john boehner responded with this statement -- " what are your thoughts on this? if the debt ceiling negotiable. some quick comments -- remember, you can post your comments on twitter. the first phone call is from maryland, a democratic caller, jill. caller: i don't believe the debt ceiling is negotiable. it is kind of ridiculous that the money is already owed, so why are we not going to pay what is owed to other people? if people have made investments, the bills have to be paid. i find it ridiculous that people in congress don't want to pay what is already owed. it does not make sense. host: here is the wall street journal this morning. caller: well
of the public debt of the united states, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned." that is part of what this debate is all about. let's go to teresa, joining us from north las vegas nevada. the democrat line. caller: good morning. i wanted to call in support of the president and democrats. i am a progressive and in independent thinker. i do not think you should use the 14th amendment, unless it comes to a really economic crash. i am for raising the debt ceiling. i believe that we need to pay our bills. i have to pay my bills. if i do not pay my credit card bills, my credit rating goes down. my credit score goes down. and i pay more in interest in the future. i think it is very irresponsible of these tea party republicans to hold the country hostage. there are other issues that can be negotiated for spending and raising revenues and the debt ceiling should not be a part of it. host: ok, thank you for calling. here is the editorial cartoonist of the post. the idea of minting
from lancaster carolina, on our independent line. what is your take on the role of the united states and the world stage? caller: i would like to respond about secretary clinton. you can look at benghazi, the ambassador got killed. egypt is in turmoil. she has not done nothing really. now talking about gs-7 the% rating -- that she has a 70% rating? all these politicians being recycled. leon panetta worked in the clinton administration. recycled politicians, they never want to leave. a 69-year-old lady running for president. i would vote for anybody else. her job as secretary of state was not good. tweets --ew more poin one other tweet -- left got about 15 minutes on this subject and segment if you want to call this morning on what the role of the united states is on the world stage. a few other news stories out there. here's the headline from "politico" -- a lot more on that issue today. the story is leading the front page of the wall street journal. "immigration debate gears up her." and here's john mccain talking about this proposal on abc. [video clip] >> i will give you some stra
on car sales in the united states. later, frederick kaufman host: good morning. it is "washington journal" for january 5. the first 45 minutes we want to get your take and outlook on the economy for the year ahead. this comes as the jobs report from yesterday highlights 155,000 jobs added in december. a couple headlines when talking about that report used the word "worried" but other stories suggest a rebound in the stock market and housing industry. with these stories your take on the economy for 2013. specifically, are you worried or optimistic? here is how you can weigh in. by calling. if you want to reach out on social media, you can do so off of twitter. 15 saying worried, 10 optimistic and you can send an e-mail. the headlines were the inspiration for the question. when it comes to economic related matters the "wall street journal" on the jobs record. tepid job growth fuels worry. we will highlight the use of the word "worry." and in "new york times" job creation is still steady despite worry. they talk about the jobs report. turning to wall street and stock market, here is
of this country is threatened. are we really going to put in jeopardy the full faith and credit of the united states of america? host: the credit agencies have said you also need to address spending. guest: it is balance verses in balance. host: junior, independent caller. caller: why do you stand there telling us stuff that you know it is not true? when are we going to see a budget from this administration? everything you said is untrue? where is the budget? this has been four years. guest: the administration has presented a budget every year. it is cannot correct to say we have not presented a budget. the house has presented budgets that almost no democrat could vote for. the senate has a 60-vote requirement has been unable to find common ground within their ranks. they have rejected the house republican budget. it is not correct to say the administration has not provided a budget. host: senate democrats. guest: it takes 60 votes. junior, i want to have a discussion and i think it is important to get to the facts. the administration is working on another budget right now. lawton, ftim from
of every one of the citizens of the united states and on a very important non-renewable resource that we have. my suggestion is every robot that takes a job of an american citizen ought to pay the taxes that that person would be making if they had the job. host: got that. but back to our topic of this proposal by the house republicans to extend the debt limit for three months. what do you think of that? caller: well, it's important that we continue to pay our debts that we have incurred. we desperately need to get our spending in order, but that's not something that we ought to hold them -- these talks and making sure that we pay our debts. host: thank you. from twitter, this is tomas henderson who actually just said, sounds like more kicking the can down the road to me. the editor of the "washington post" this morning used the story of this proposal to write an editorial on it saying this presents mr. obama with a choice. he can continue driving a hard bargain on political policy terms that would entail using the entitlements until the republicans capitulate with the regard to the seque
to overhaul immigration laws in the united states. president obama is on his first post inauguration trip in nevada. we will carry the remarks this afternoon. how should the laws on immigration reform be changed or enforced? here are the numbers to call. for democrats, 202-585-3880. for republicans, 202-585-3881. for independents, 202-585-3882. you can also find us online, send us a tweet by writing to, or share your comments with us on facebook by searching for c- span. you can also e mail us, here is the headline from "the washington post," this morning -- "senators outline immigration plan." host: let's take a listen to some of that press conference from yesterday afternoon. senator chuck schumer opened things up. here is what he had to say about the details so far. [video clip] >> americans overwhelmingly oppose illegal immigration and support legal immigration. to this end, we have four basic pillars. tough but fair passed to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the united states. second, reforming the legal immigration system to better recog
cases. at least a dozen of those are being appealed in circuit courts throughout the united states. the ruling in the dc circuit court does not directly affect those other cases because the circuit courts are free to disagree with each other. and the only court that's going to trump them is the supreme court. host: so is it your opinion that this matter is eventually going to find its way to the supreme court? guest: i'm not a supreme court reporter but i think that's the going theory out there, it's hard to nothost: you mentioned y who is a former ohio attorney general. is he subject to a different kind of lawsuit? what happens to decisions that were made at the cfpb while he was acting as the director there? caller: i think the same rules are going to apply with cordray. he was nominated around the same time as the three appointments were made. i do not know the details of the separate lawsuits. i do know that this decision supposedly calls into question his appointment as well. i think the same rules that apply in terms of the decisions made under him, i think for right now it i
secretaries of the treasury. [applause] host: the president of the united states on timothy geithner and talking about his tenure as to -- secretary treasury. "the washington post" writes -- highlighting efforts made by the financial crisis and the housing industry. this comes as jack lew will become the next person to be nominated into that position. we want to talk to you about timothy geithner, his legacy, his time served as the treasury secretary, and your thoughts on what he has done or not done depending on your opinion. here is how you can join us this morning. you can give us a call -- if you want to send us a twet -- @cspanwj this is how "the new york times"highlights some of his accomplishments. it says here -- that is "the new york times." prefers to 45, your thoughts on timothy geithner as the secretary treasury. -- for the first 45 minutes, your thoughts on timothy geithner as secretary treasury. more from "the new york times." they continue to write that housing is another area his leadership has been criticized. one more bit from "the new york times.
of the foreign aid the united states does, with all the money in the federal budget, can't we afford to put a police officer in every single school? even if they did that, politicians have no business and no authority denying us the raoeigh right, ability and moral imperative to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm. host: from the december 21 hearing in washington at the willard hotel wayne lapierre who is the face of the n.r.a. who spoke to the reporters in about a 25-minute speech. some weighing in on the facebook page. the question is what are the solutions with regard to gun violence? scott says military full automatic weapons already are illegal and kurt says there is no government solution. has this to say. these gun laws will not solve anything. it controls 99.9% of the rest of us who are not doing anything wrong. mark is joining us from allentown, pennsylvania. independent line. caller: hi, how are you doing. i want to say that as much as i enjoy my gun rights i don't totally agree with wayne lapierre. as a matter of fact, i stay out of the n.r.a. because it is more politi
-span and any other public speaker on the airways should make it clear that the debt of the united states will not go into default because the country collects 200 billion in taxes and the debt payment is 40 billion. how would you prioritize any remaining of the $170 billion? host: how do you think this battle will go down? caller: the republicans need to stick to their guns. vote to not increase the debt limit. engage the public to prioritize spending. social security should be first. the payment to support the injured veterans and any other priorities. there will be $170 billion per month left to do that. let us take a look at the debt clock. this tracks the us national debt and federal spending. you can see the debt limit. carlton, kentucky, democrat. caller: the thing about the debt ceiling and spending, what congress needs to do is start working out a bill for jobs. you get people back to work and you bring in more revenue and taxes. it would increase the revenue. you have less spending. you would not have to -- the deficit is automatic. it should be used to pay the government's bill
in the military. neither of them are in military or -- infantry our combat units. they said the problem is, women do not have the physical strength. look at the body builders. they have to take steroids. my son in the marines, he is about 6 feet, 4 inches. he says, how is somebody going to carry me out? even in physical training, we do 30 pushups. women do 15. that does not make any sense. host: thank you for the culprit joining the defense secretary -- for the call. to and in the defense secretary was martin dempsey, the joint chiefs of staff. >> as we look at requirements for a spectrum of conflicts, not just counterinsurgency, we really in -- we really need standards that apply across all of those. it is important that if we do say that a standard is too high, the burden is on the service to explain to the secretary why is it that it is. it doesn't have to be that high? with the direct exclusion, that -- with the exclusion in place, we never had that conversation. >> can women serve in special operations, like navy seals? >> i will go back to what i have said since i been the chief of staff, w
-585-3880. for republicans, 202-585-3881. for independents, 202-585-3882. and if you are outside the united states, 202-585-3883. you can catch up with us on all of your favorite social media sites. or you can e-mail us, journal@c- i want to start with a story from "the washington times of." "films and videogames get short shrift in gun violence review." host: we want to get your take today on what you think those meaningful solution should be, specifically for the film, television, and video game industry. we're already getting comments on the facebook gave this morning. i want to read a few of those now. meaningful solution we will take your calls this morning in the first 45 minutes, but first want to play you a segment from the state of the union. this is congresswoman marsha blackburn, talking about the role of violent video games. [video clip] >> i watched a couple of these of violent video games to you ready for this segment and i was astounded with some of the things i was seeing on call to duty. we know the norway shooter would use that as target practice. you say let's keep children
. an observation, you are concentrating on cutting the medical care in the united states. the united states is listed 49 th in life expectancy. so that is an area you really do not want to cut. the next biggest china is growing at 10% per year. even russia growing at 5% per year. even the 200 students in my section will agree the reason china and russia are growing at 10% and 5% per year is their military budget is $100 billion. the united states as a military budget of $700 billion and 69 intelligence agencies. host: we will leave it there. defense spending? guest: a big issue, defense versus health care para a democrat saying we need to invest more in health care and don't cut medicare, don't cut and other health care programs. we saw that in 2009/2010. the caller brought up the infant mortality, very high in the united states for. you don't hear many members talking about that much. democrats say the defense questioning, which has been postponed a couple months, some say if you don't like the cost of -- across-the-board cuts of the sequester, just cut other parts of defense there is some
circumstances because they believe as we believe the united states is the most extraordinary force for peace and progress the world has ever known. >> back to your calls. scott, good morning. caller: i think hillary clinton is very intelligent and smart. publicly she is very smart. however, when you look at the history, when she was the wife of clinton and they bombed us in kenya, nothing was done because she had a political agenda to be president. so she kept pushing it off, her husband to fight the war until they get out of office so they would not have that under them. because she does that, she would not have it on her resume, people are blindsided to what is going on. 911, five years and office, this is part of her problem. now they tested her, she is not president. put her into the secretary of state. she is a complete failure. look at what she did it again. she tried to blindside us while the president was being inaugurated. host: thank you. caller: i just wanted to call. rand paul ron johnson, come on people. they never mention four americans died in bang gauzy and they are making su
every year -- $400 every year just to stay in the united states. we need to open up to cuba. the economy there has been such a struggle. we should be more empathetic to the spanish people. most of these companies that hire undocumented workers, most are republicans. i think they play on the other side of the fence. they wanted to immigration but the pay them $5 or $6 an hour. i believe the mexicans that want to work hard, we should have them stay here and try to get their citizenship. thank you. guest: if i could say to the caller, when i came from cuba, we are immigrants and political refugees. one thing i remember about the country was help welcoming it was. i felt that people wanted me to succeed and people would celebrate my success. i did not speak a word of english. but people were welcoming. in the case of the undocumented workers, there is a bigger argument here, i think it is a time for national reconciliation. these folks across the border 10, 15 years ago or five years ago. some people come through airlines. "go north and you can find a job." they found employers that were wil
february or early march the united states could face an unprecedented default unless it raises the debt ceiling. that was from tim geithner. further into the body of the "new york times" story i want to is share with you some of the numbers "the new york times" points out today. that could happen as early as february 15, if that happens by february 15 or early march, according to the by partisan policy center in analysis of what the government expects is $8 billion in revenue that day but it has $52 billion in spending that day, $6.8 billion in tax refunds, $3.5 in federal salaries, and $1.5 ode to military contractors and other commitments. consider again that day on february 15 f that is the day we reach the limit, the country would not have enough money to pay the bond holders let alone anyone else, more over analysts have raced questions about whether the treasury would be able to reprogram the ought mated payment system to prioritize some payments over others. the role of government in solving america's problems. we go to judy from texas. depood morning. caller: my thought on this
in the united states are very well matched to the vaccine that has been distributed. that is a very powerful argument for getting vaccinated against flu, even though we are in january. it is not too late to get vaccinated. host: some papers and purported is the h2n2, so you can track the number. then what does the government do with this information? guest: first of all, you mentioned the national institutes of health and the cbc does the tracking and identification of the strain and is very influential in months ahead of time signaling what should be in the vaccine. the nih is a resort organization. we do research on influenza and understanding pathogenesis and developing drugs against it and helping along with pharmaceutical companies to develop a vaccine. that's what we do in collaboration is init and then try to make countermeasures against it in the form of treatment and prevention. host: how much does all that cost? guest: a lot of money. if you just look at the research, the nih spends every year about $260 million on influence of research. in addition, we are continually trying to ma
to be able to work with the president of the united states. george bush never allowed them to work with him. he always tried to blame them for everything. he took pride in the fact 39 vetoes he had on the line. george bush never saw that. he wanted to chip the program. when they finally passed it and he did it, it was a weak piece of legislation that was really of no value. i don't see clinton doing that. i see tom follow -- folly and members of the congress working and everybody wants to get congress back on its feet. it's in top shape, not in the top shape that they say during the election but it's in tough shape. when the parties can work together, it's doable. host: on november 1992, the former speak of the house tip o'neill as he assess congress on the issue of bipartisanship. there's this from eugene robinson, to say that congress looks like a clown show this week, is an insult to self-respecting clowns. painful as it maybe, let's review what happened. our leaders manufactured a fake crisis and then proceeded to handle it so incompetently that they turned into a real one. the bogus
principles that we have here that we based the united states on, we have been tossing them away little by little, slowly, for what? how do you tell people who are going to other countries to die so that country can have the right to vote and we here -- something is not right. something is backwards. why >? what's the reason? who is getting a bigger slice of pie? host: let's look at what the fiscal cliff deal means for those making over $400,000. patty was upset about what this law means for the higher income brackets. if you make above $400,000 or a couple that makes above $450,000 -- the washington post looks at how this impacts taxpayers based on what attracted you are in. it looks at the income level and what percentage of taxpayers will be affected and which percentage will get an increase in taxes. let's hear from mike in kansas city, kansas, a democrat. caller: hi. this does not make sense. republicans are simply angry because obama won reelection. me being a conservative democrat, as republicans, what are you doing? you are playing with people's money. it does not get any deeper
gun ownership in descending order from average civilian firearms. in the united states to it is estimated 270 million civilian firearms. there is a note at the bottom that says the atf estimates upward over 300 million firearms. that is 89 firearms per 100 residents. yemen comes in second with 55 per 100 residents. switzerland, 46 firearms per 100 residents. as you go down the list here you can see germany, there is an estimate of 25 million firearms in private hands. toward the bottom here, a couple of other large figures. china and india, even though it is only five and four firearms per 100 residents, 40 million firearms in china, 46 million in the country of india. gm from colorado, what are your thoughts on the -- jim from colorado, what are your thoughts on what the president proposed? caller: i know there was a lot of talk about not only what the president said but also the democratic party when they were talking. the 30 run magazines and things like that, they are not really necessary. right now you buy stock handguns and you get a 15 around a magazine. that i
that liberals do not band together stronger and show a united force. it is okay to have obama as the president. if we say the president is caving in, we have power. guest: we have seen 26 straight months of private sector job gains. we have seen losses in the public sector. you can expect that public unemployment problem to get worse. progressives can get behind the president and claimed a win over the republicans. or they can hold out for the progressive principles that they originally wanted. i think in congress a lot of folks will wind up back in the president. host: guestok. good morning, steve. caller: happy new year. everybody is talking about going back to the clinton's tax brackets. do you think that is a good idea? andt: go back to the 1990's everybody did quite well. tic talk. apocalyps it is not all that much debilitating when people tend to save the money rather than spend it. a lot of the talk about what will happen if we go back to those rates simply is not true. we saw quite a bit of economic growth. host: john from north carolina tweets in -- guest: that will be what a lot of p
no blue or red states, just the united states. well, republicans surely through what i call a monkey wrench into that. so i really believe now that he changes his strategy and he believes and sees diversity. he's going to tackle it. i think he is now going to fight for the democratic legacy, for people with social security and medicare. he is going to be himself now. that is what i saw. and i think that the republican party should now try to reach across the aisle. they have not done it before. they should realize that their rating is now 25% and congress' rating is 15%. we have to get real. we have to understand that only together we can work. divided we will fall. host: you said he is going to be himself. that is what you got out of it. how would you describe him? would you say he is liberal or a centric democrat? caller: i think he is now becoming a liberal. he sees now that being a centric just does not work. it does not work. you are right, when you're working with people who are far right -- no, you cannot just moved to the center. they have to move with you. that has not happe
caucused with the tea party with the united states house of representatives. i am not too optimistic about where things are going to go in the state. we are going to be hyper partisan because mike pence was able to come to political stardom by an extreme right wing the talk-show host. i think it will be a bad thing for the state of indiana when there are so many things we need to do to work together. the tea party does not want to work together. i listened to your phone calls, i heard a man from massachusetts. i guess he thinks we are not aware of what he is saying. i guess his biggest problem is black people. he spoke ill of the governor, but tried to do it in a sophisticated way in which we did not understand. when he started talking about people needing something, the code words they use now is just a little more sophisticated than the way these people who really are court recess that we let fly under the radar screen since we have this president that is non- white. we pretend we do not know what they are saying or what they mean. the board the talk the more we know what it is. -- the m
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